Social responsibility

Active involving in the global fight against negative civilization impact on the environment is one of the main goals of company Sanas, a.s. We want to be a modern company with a focus to environmental protection that uses environmental friendly materials to produce furniture and uses progressive, energy-efficient manufacturing technologies.

By influence of climate change on our environment, we are exposed to the changes that every person is feeling right now. Hence, the fight against climate change is one of the main challenges of the present age.

We work with this knowledge in our company, we have determined the corporate policy in the area of environmental protection that we monitor and we evaluate the results year-on-year comparing to our goals.

Our main tasks in corporate environmental policy are as follows:

  • Reducing energy intensity in relation to finished production (energy and heat production)
  • Reduction of emissions in relation to finished production
  • Increasing the share of wood agglomerated materials with reduced content of free formaldehyde in our products
  • Increasing the proportion of recycled materials

We set our goals for each year and contribute to protection of the environment and our natural resources.

Everyone can contribute!


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